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Pahela Boishakh(Events in Bangladesh)

Bangladesh has a lot of events and festivals. Below you can see some popular events and festivals in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Events and Festivals:

1. May Day

2. International Mother Language Day

3. Independence Day

4. Pahela Boishakh

May Day

May Day or International Workers' Day is discovered on could May day everywhere the globe nowadays to commemorate the historical struggle associated with degreed sacrifices of the operating individuals to ascertain an eight-hour workday. it's a public vacation in the majority the countries of the globe.

Since the economic Revolution) within the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in Europe and therefore the North American nation, the employees in mills and factories had been operating a protracted shif fourteen or perhaps a lot of hours daily.

On could first in 1886, impressed by the trade unions, half the employees at the McCormick gather Machine Company in Chicago went on strike stern associate degree eight-hour workday. 2 days later, a employees rally was control close to the McCormick Harvester Machine Company and regarding 6000 employees Joined it. 

The rally was self-addressed by the labour leaders. They urged the employees to square along, to travel on with their struggle and to not surrender to their bosses. At one purpose of the rally, some strikebreakers started departure the facility. The Strikers went down the road to bring them back. 

Suddenly regarding two hundred police officer attacked them with clubs and revolvers. One striker was killed antly, 5 or six others were seriously wounded and lots of others were livid.

The events of First of May, 1886 square measure a reminder that employees can still be exploited till they arise and speak dead set gain higher operating conditions, higher pay and higher lives.

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International Mother Language Day

21 Gregorian calendar month may be a unforgettable day in our national history. we have a tendency to observe the day per annum as International Mother Language Day. The day may be a legal holiday.

On today, we have a tendency to pay tribute to the martyrs WHO ordered down their lives to ascertain Bangla as a state language in undivided Pakistan in 1952. The struggle to realize our language rights is understood because the Language Movement.

The seed of the Language Movement was planted on twenty one March 1948 once prophet Ali national leader, the governor of Pakistan, declared in a very public meeting in Dhaka that Urdu would be the sole state language of Pakistan. 

The declaration raised a storm of protest within the jap a part of the country. It became a movement and reached its climax in 1952. the govt. unlawful all forms of public conferences and rallies to prevent it.

The students of Dhaka University deficd the law and brought out a peaceful protest procession on twenty one Gregorian calendar month 1952. once the procession reached close to Dhaka Medical school, the police opened hearth on the scholars, killing Salam, Rafiq, Barkat, Safiur and Jabbar. 

As a result, there have been mass protests everywhere the country and therefore the government had to declare Bangla as a state language. This enkindled the sparks of independence movement of Asian nation.

21 Gregorian calendar month is discovered as sufferer Dibosh per annum throughout the country in remembrance of the martyrs of language movement of 1952. The commemoration begins at the first hours of the day with mourning songs that recall the supreme sacrifices of our language martyrs. 

Individuals wear black badges and move to the sufferer Minar in barefoot processions, singing mourning songs. They place wreaths at the Minar. several of them visit the graves of the martyrs at Azimpur land site and pray for them. They additionally attend varied programs organized in remembrance of the language martyrs.

The academic Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO, United Nations agency, UN agency (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) on 17 November in 1999 declared Gregorian calendar month twenty one because the international Mother Language Day in recognition of the sacrifices of the martyrs for the rightful place of Bangla. 

The day is currently annually discovered de to push awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism.

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Independence Day

26 March, our Fourth of July, is that the biggest state competition. The day is well known per annum within the country with nice enthusiasm and fervour. It S a legal holiday. All offices, academic establishments, outlets and factories stay closed on today. The day begins with a thirty one gun salute.

Early within the morning the President and therefore the Prime Minister on behalf of the state place floral wreaths at the National sepulcher at Savar. Then alternative leaders, political parties, diplomats, social and cultural organisations, academic establishments and freedom fighters pay court to the martyrs. 

Individuals from all walks of life additionally go there in rallies and processions. There square measure several cultural programmes throughout the day, lightness the heroic struggle and sacrifice in 1971.

In Bangabandhu National sports stadium, faculty youngsters, scouts and lady guides participate in varied displays to entertain thousands of spectators. academic establishments additionally organise their individual programmes. Sports meets and tournaments also are unionized on the day, as well as the exciting race the watercourse Buriganga.

In the evening, all major public buildings square measure lit with vibrant lights. Bangla Academy, Asian nation Shilpakala Academy and alternative socio-cultural organisations hold cultural functions. Similar functions also are organized in alternative places within the country.

Pohela Boishakh

Pahela Boishakh' is that the initial day of Bangla year. The day may be a public vacation. today encompasses a special significance for North American nation because it may be a a part of Bangalee culture and tradition. 

Individuals from all walks of life, regardless of their ethnic identity or non secular beliefs, celebrate the day with ancient festivities. On today, the entire of Asian nation is in a very gay mood. The day evokes individuals to begin nonfat with revived hopes and inspirations.

Every year the day is well known historically. individuals come to life early within the morning, have a shower and wear ancient garments. ladies wear white sarees with red borders and adorn themselves with vibrant churis and flowers, whereas men dress themselves in pajamas and punjabis. it's daily once individuals love cating ancient food.

One of the foremost vibrant events of the day is control in Dhaka. Early within the morning, individuals in tons of and thousands pour in from all directions to attend the cultural operate at Ramna Batamul unionized by Chhayanaut. 

The cultural programme begins simply at sunrise and therefore the famous artists of the country take part in the program that starts with the famed Tagore-song Esho-he-Boishakh, Esho Esho....Artists additionally sing ancient folks songs, and pertorm classical dances to the rhythm of musical instruments.

People additionally return to affix the colorful processions, the largest carnival of the country, unionized by the Fine Arts students of Dhaka University. The procession typically displays the normal practices of Bangalee culture. 

The masks and wreaths worn by the individuals square measure thus fascinating! usually they symbolise up to date worries or happiness within the national nonfat . It attracts associate degree increasing range of foreign tourists per annum.

The day is additionally discovered everywhere the country. completely different social and cultural organisations and academic establishments celebrate the day with their own cultural programmes.

On today, newspapers bring out special supplements. There also are special programmes on the radio and tv.

The celebration of Pahela Boishakh marks daily of cultural unity for the entire nation.

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