Bangladesh has 5 neighbour countries. Below, you can see Bangladesh's neighbouring country details. 

Neighbour Countries of Bangladesh:

1. India

2. Maldives

3. Nepal 

4. Sri Lanka

5. Bhutan


India is our nearest neighbour. it's the biggest among South Asian Countries. In fact, Bharat is the seventh largest country in the world with a section of three,287,590 sq. kilometers. 

Bharat is delimited by the ocean on the South, the sea on the West, and therefore the Bay of the geographical area on the East. 

It's seagirt by Pakistan to the West; China, Nepal, and Asian nation to the North; and the People's Republic of Bangladesh and Burma to the| East. Bharat is the world's second most populous country when China. Its population is around one.5 billion.

 New Delhi is the capital of Bharat and thirteen million individuals sleep in the town. Bharat could be a land of an ancient civilization. The social, economic, and cultural diversity of this huge country is the result of invasions by totally different races throughout the method of history. 

Tajmahal, india tajmahal, taj,
Tajmahal, India

Indian history begins with the birth of the Indus depression Civilization and therefore the coming back of the Aryans. throughout this era, Aryan culture flourished in this part of the globe. 

The fifth century saw the unification of Bharat below Ashoka, and it was in his time that Buddhism unfold in several elements of Asia. within the eighth century, Islam came to Bharat for the primary time and by the eleventh century, it had firmly established itself. 

In 1206, Qutbuddin Aybeck based the Delhi state. This was finally succeeded by the Mughal Empire in 1526, below that Bharat all over again achieved an outsized life of political unity. it absolutely was within the seventeenth century that the Europeans came to Bharat. 

This coincided with the disintegration of the Mughal Empire, paving the method for control of the country, the French, the Dutch, and therefore the Portuguese United Nations agency was vying with one another to realize management of Bharat. the country emerged because of the 'victors'. 

In 1774, Warren Hastings was appointed the primary governor of Bharat by the archipelago Company. In 1876, Victoria was given the title 'Empress of Bharat' by the British Parliament, and India came below British rule. the British dominated Bharat for nearly 2 hundred years. 

This era was marked by India's struggle for independence. Through a series of heroic and nationalistic movements to revive freedom, Bharat got its independence in 1947.

The culture of Bharat is one of the oldest and therefore the most original in the world. there's wonderful cultural diversity throughout the country. The South, North, and Northeast have their own distinct cultures and nearly every state has inscribed its own cultural distinction. 

There's hardly any culture within the world that's as varied and distinctive as Bharat. There are seventeen major languages and 844 dialects utilized by the individuals of Bharat.

India could be a tourists'" delight. The Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri, the Qutb Minar, and therefore the Red Fort are a couple of the numerous wonders which magnetize individuals from everywhere over the globe. 

The geographic area has been delineated as a paradise on earth. The country of mountains, valleys, deserts, rivers, and lakes supply the richness of a mini world inside one country. 

The Nilgiri mountains, hill stations like Ooty and Darjeeling, and therefore the temples of South Bharat, Ajanta, and Ellora caves are the places one will explore in Bharat.


Bangladesh's other neighbour is the Maldives. The Republic of Maldives is an associated island country within the ocean. it's 1199 islands that are clustered into twenty-six major atolls. associate atoll could be an annular reef or a string of closely spaced coral islands. 

The natural coral reefs of the Maldives are encircled by the ocean all around and stand out as a pearl within the ocean. The Maldives is the eighth smallest country in the world with a section of solely three hundred sq. kilometers it's the tiniest country in terms of population and size.

People are living on the islands of the Maldives for nearly 3000 years. They set sail from different elements of the world- Asia, Arabia, Europe, and America-to come back to those 1slands. 

The earliest settlers of the Maldives were in all probability from southern Bharat and land United Nations agency came to those islands within the fourth and fifth centuries before Christ. within the twelfth century AD, sailors from East Africa and Arab countries came to the Maldives. 

As a result, the Maldivians United Nations agency was originally Buddhists reborn to Sunni Islam within the mid-12th century. In 1344 Ibn Batuta, a famed Arab student and scholar cosmopolitan around the Maldives.

aerial-view-of-a-beautiful-island-resort-min, maldives, beach, resort
Aerial view of a beautiful island resort, Maldives

In the sixteenth century, the Portuguese conquered the Maldives and dominated the country for fifteen years. though ruled as an associate freelance Islamic state for much of its history from 1153 to 1968, the Maldives was a British colony from 1887 to 1965. 

Follówing the independence of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in 1965, the state continued to control for one more three years. On Armistice Day, 1968, the state was abolished and replaced by a republic and therefore the country assumed its gift name.

The Maldives is known as a traveler destination owing to its pleasant weather, heavenly beaches and lagoons, luxurious vacation resorts, and therefore peaceful individuals. The Maldives was hierarchical because of the best country for stunning beaches and facilities for recreation in 2008.

The Maldives is renowned for being an all-time low country in the world. sadly, this tiny country with idyllic natural beauty is below threat from rising ocean levels thanks to warming. Most of the country is simply one.5 meters higher than the water level with the best purpose of two.3 meters! several predictions are created with relevancy Maldives are over excited by the rising water level within the ocean. 

once the ability-moving ridge of 2004 hit the island nation, several of the island's dry elements were flooded by the ocean water. the govt of the Maldives has begun to get land from near countries for resettling its individuals just in case the islands go below water! so as to focus on the threats of world warming to its low-lying islands, the govt of Maldives control a cupboard meeting underwater in 2009. 

That was the primary ever underwater cupboard meeting within the world. The meeting passed about five meters underwater, in an exceedingly blue-green lake on a tiny low island. whereas underwater, the cupboard signed a documented career on all nations to chop their carbon emissions.


snowcapped-mountain-in-nepal-himalaya, nepal, everest, nepal himalaya
Snowcapped Mountain in Nepal Himalaya

A.Known as the Land of the mountain peaks which is also neighbour of Bangladesh, Nepal is one of the foremost charming countries in Asia. the dominion of Nepal could be a little land of elegant beauty. it's a number of the earth's best and most huge necessary temples. it's rustic that's wealthy in scenic beauty and cultural heritage.

B.Nepal lies between Bharat and also Tibetan a part of China. This little country has a region of 147,181 sq. kilometers. Southern Nepal is tropical low land called the Terai Plains. This part of Nepal has hot summers and heat winters. 

Here the temperatures reach up to 40°C in a Gregorian calendar month and should and monsoon rains drench this region from Gregorian calendar month to Gregorian calendar month. The central hill lands together with the Kathmandu and Pokhara valleys have a temperate climate and also are influenced by the monsoon. 

North of that's the slope of the most section of the vary|range of mountains|chain|mountain chain|chain of mountains} range. This part of Nepal has a number of the very best peaks on the planet together with mountain peaks.

C. Nepal is home to almost twenty-nine,000,000 people. The population is primarily rural. Kathmandu, the capital town, has but a meg inhabitants Nepal's demographic options area unit difficult not solely by dozens of ethnic teams, but by completely different castes. 

In total, there are unit 103 castes and ethnic teams living in this little country. the 2 largest such teams are units called Chetri and Bahun. Others embrace Magar, Tharu and Tamang, Newar, Muslim, Gurung and Damai. 

Concerning forty-eight % of the individuals speak Nepali. Among alternative languages spoken in the area, units are Maithali, Bhojpuri, Tharu, and Tamang.

D. Nepal is the Promised Land of Lord Pashupatinath and Gautam Buddha wherever the Hindus and Buddhists have lived harmoniously for hundreds of years. The Temple of Pashupatinath is the most sacred Hindu shrine and one of the four most vital sites in the world for Shiva worshippers. 

Lord Buddha, the sunshine of Asia, was born in Lumbini in Nepal's southern plains, which makes this a sacred pilgrim's journey destination for the Buddhists still. In fact, several Nepalese mix Hindu and Buddhist practices; several temples and shrines are units shared between the 2 faiths, and a few deities are units idolized by each Hindu and Buddhist.

E. The kathmandu|Kathmandu|Katmandu|capital of Nepal|national capital depression is the richest cultural heritage center of Nepal. The 3 ancient cities of the depression - Patan, Kathmandu associated Bhaktapur-represent an epitome of harmony in urban style, elegant design, and refined culture. 

These cities are units noted for spiritual monuments alone within the world. The seven monument zones set among the depression are named World Heritage Sites by the UN agency.

F. several festivals add dazzling color to Nepal's vivacious culture, that area unit celebrated throughout the year. Dasain or dusherra is well known nationwide in the Gregorian calendar month. 

This is often the foremost necessary of all Nepalese celebrations and includes the most important animal sacrifice of the year. Tihar is well known in the Gregorian calendar month.  Some Hindu festivals area unit the Haribodhini Ekadashi, Omaha Sivaratri, and also the avatar Jayanti. 

There are unit Buddhist celebrations too and people embrace Mani Remind, Buddha Jayanti, and Losar, which marks the Tibetan twelvemonth.

Sri Lanka

colombo-lotus-tower, colombo tower, srilanka tower, tower in sri lanka, infojazz, infojazzbd
Colombo lotus tower, Sri Lanka

A.Anyone visiting the state could usually hear the word Ayubowan. This word means 'May you have got the gift of long life. it's with this ancient acknowledgment that everybody is welcome to state. 

The state is multifariously identified as Serendip, Ceylon, Teardrop of Asian nation, Pearl of the Indian Ocean, etc. These names reveal the richness and sweetness of this island nation. several travelers, from ancient mariners and merchants to gift day tourists, are attracted by the sweetness of this island.

B.state is found within the Indian Ocean, simply off the southeastern coast of an Asian nation. formed sort of a teardrop, the island of state measures 415 kilometers from north to south, and 220 kilometers from east to west, with a complete area of regarding sixty-five,600 sq. kilometers. it's over 1340 kilometers of lineation.

C.Despite its modest size state includes a Population of regarding twenty million. the state is population a multi-spiritual, multi-racial and multi-lingual country. The four major ethnic teams square measure the Sinhalese, Sri Lankan Tamils, Indian Tamils, and Sri Lankan Moors or Muslims. 

A fifth cluster, the Veddhas square measure the first inhabitants of the island. the traditional history of the state is represented within the Hindu epic the Ramayana. however, the foremost vital work on Lankan origin is said in Mahavamsa or 'The nice Chronicle'.

D. Sri Lanka's economy has historically supported agriculture. the stress 1s on mercantilism crops like tea, rubber, and coconuts. In fact, the state is the largest tea businessperson in the globe. 

The country is additionally a serious producer and provider of a range of spices like cinnamon, cardamom, pepper, cloves, and nutmeg. Cinnamon 1st originated in the state and was introduced later to the globe by the Arab merchants.

E. Sri Lanka's archeologic treasures could also be compared to different civilizations of the past just like the Golden Age of Ellas, the empire, and Mayan citadels. 

The culture that followed those superb pasts has been enriched by the newer influences of Western colonizers and Japanese traders. That resulted in the development of a singular mixture of races and religions, arts and crafts, festivals, and costumes in this tiny country.

Besides the synthetic wealth, one could notice the God-given blessings of nature in the state. The island is circled by azure seas and is blessed with sandy beaches, inexperienced hills, cascading waterfalls, overabundant life, and a range of flowers and fruits. 

The country abounds with coconut groves, spice gardens, tea estates, and lots of different gardens and woods. Travelers from everywhere around the globe return to the state. Here, a weary mortal will pass a soothing day by a palm-shaded lagune observing the endless ocean. 

And for the sporting, days may be filled with excitement snorkeling, swimming, fishing, or sailing.


Golden buddha statue in Bhutan, bhutan statue, golden buddha statue, infojazz, infojazzbd
Golden buddha statue in Bhutan

Bhutan is named the Jewel of the Japanese range. This small, inland country is found on the southern slopes of the various |range of mountains|chain|mountain chain|chain of mountains} range, delimited by Tibet within the North and Asian nations from the opposite sides. 

The official name of the Asian nation is Druk-Yul which implies 'land of the thunder dragon. It earned this name due to the fierce storms that always appear from the range. 

The country has a part of thirty-eight,394 sq metric linear units and a population of 716,896. Since it's cut off from the remainder of the globe by the Great range, unique culture and tradition-supported gentle Buddhist beliefs have evolved there over time.

Bhutanese men wear Gho - a knee-length robe- and girls wear Kira-a sheet-like fabric piece. Bhutanese homes square measure designed from mud and stone, with a picket shingle roof. The Bhutanese ne'er use iron nails in their buildings. 

Usually, the Bhutanese build every other's homes by exchanging labor among the community. completely different Festivals square measure celebrated all year spherical in the Asian nation. vibrant masks square measure utilized in the festivals that mirror the made Bhutanese culture. 

Dances square measure performed by the Buddhist monks to shield the valleys and thrust back evil spirits. the most church festival is named Tshechus. The teachings of Lord Buddha square measure enacted through mask dances for 3 to 5 days within the curtilage of the monasteries. 

Folks attend these events in their best garments, carrying picnic baskets. Another major pageant is named Losar. it's celebrated on satellite twelvemonth. folks cook special dishes and wear new garments. it's a time for a family get-together. Men play athletics or darts whereas ladies sing and dance.

Pure mountain air, crystal blue skies, and pristine vegetation cowl have created this tiny country a perfect destination for atmosphere lovers. The scheme of this tiny nation supports the existence of made flora and fauna that square measure protected by strict laws. Anyone found guilty of killing even a black-necked crane may well be sentenced to life in jail.

The government of Asian nations has taken a variety of steps to shield its bio-diversity. Bhutan is the 1st country in the world with specific constitutional obligations on its folks to shield the atmosphere. 

In step with the constitution, a minimum of sixty % of the country should stay underneath forest cowl at the slightest degree times. Efforts also are taken to shield the state against the intrusion of foreign cultures and values. 

The primary foreign tourists were allowed into the Asian nations in 1974. currently, the business enterprise is inspired however is controlled and restricted to half a dozen,000 guests a year. The Asian nation is one of the last countries in the world to introduce tv and also the net to its folks. 

The govt. raised a ban on TV and also the net solely in 1999. The Bhutanese government has created it obligatory for all Bhutanese to wear solely their national dress publically.

Finally, the foremost attention-grabbing truth regarding the Asian nations is that they're the sole country that measures success in Gross National Happiness instead of Gross Nationa Product! In 2006, Business Week rated the Asian nation because of the happiest country in Asia and also the eighth happiest country in the world.

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